How to find free images for your blog?

How to find free images for your blog?

Getty Images, the online photo agency, has made its library free to use and it’s not without consequences and under certain conditions. So what is the catch here? In the terms and conditions of use (which I have to say are easy to understand!) it is clearly stated that “Not all Getty Images Content will be available for embedded use” so how to identify the 35 millions images that are available for free from the others? How and what can you use the images for, should you ever have to pay for images?

When are you allow to use a Getty image for free?

Embedded images may not be used for commercial purposes. You can only embed Getty Images Content on a website, blog or social media platform using the embedded viewer (see image below).

Getty image

How to use the new Getty embed tool?

To add the image below from the Getty library I copied and pasted the snippet of HTML code for that photo (<iframe src=”//” width=”507″ height=”407″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”></iframe>) into the source code of this post so that the photo appears this way:

The photographer and collection name appears below every photo you embed on a site or blog. This makes it easy to search for other photos by the same photographer or within the same collection on Getty Images. (more…)