About Ghislaine

Ghislaine is one of the 2016 Great British Sewing Bee contestant. She came to me to create a website to promote and sell her consultancy services, and where she could invite her fans to follow her journey.

The challenge

Ghislaine has multiple strengths and passions and needed a brand that would embody her different interests from sewing to design. I could see how a blog could instantly increase her audience and customer bases. High on the list of requirements was a desire to come up with the implementation of her textile consultancy service to start generating revenue.

Ghislaine’s brand is full of grace and generosity but still remains spontaneous. On the blog, I wanted her to express her creativity and to be able to have as many images as she would like to to reflect her positive energy. Impactful lifestyle photography coupled with beautiful copy is in keeping with the style of the brand. To accentuate Ghislaine’s kindness I introduced a cursive typography to create impact on the landing page.


textile consultancy

As well as creating the aesthetic and feel of the site and blog, I created the customer journey for Ghislaine’s Textile consultancy service. This page is introducing the service and also allow customers to book their session with Ghislaine. At the bottom of the page, the frequently asked questions provides customers additional information they might need.

As part of a wider strategy to engage with her audience, Ghislaine was keen to invite her clients to share their sewing journey, allowing potential customers to watch and hear feedback directly from real people. I also organised the blog per categories that talks to the readers.

Content that sells

Instant Results

So, what did all this achieve?

Ghislaine’s new site is inline with her brand and customer base and the integration. The customisations allow her to run a blog and add new pages  with ease.

Happy customer

A year on and I can positively reflect on what I learn with Stephanie. Technically I don’t have to worry about the maintenance of my website. Her tutorials to manage my blog are very clear and she takes care of the rest of the maintenance efficiently.
She regularly provides me with learning material,  videos, information to broaden my marketing knowledge and trigger new thoughts and ideas. It is clear that Stephanie does her research to benefit her clients.  Stephanie  has always well understood how to visually transcribe what I stand for. Her designs are sensible, elegant, discreet but full of professional impact. I am very proud of my website.

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